Massage Services
  1. Traditional Javanese Massage
  2. Traditional Balinese Massage
  3. Thai Herbal Ball Massage
  4. Healing Hot Oil Massage
  5. Chocolate Body Massage
  6. Aromatherapy Massage
  7. Swedish Massage
  8. Bio Release Massage
  9. Lava Hot Stone Massage
10. Body Enzyme Stretch Mark Treatment
11. Danne Plasmatic Breast and Buttock Treatment

Traditional Balinese Massage uses natural oil and ginger oil for massage with Balinese Bozeh Body Wrap. This massage helps to reduce and melt cellulite especially for those after giving birth. After the full body massage, a 6 yards sarong will be used to wrap the body, tighten the tummy and firm the waist line. You can see better shape and contour after the treatments.

Balinese Bozeh Natural Body Mask reduces muscle aches and rheumatism. It also helps better blood circulation and make the skin more elastic and recuperate the body from fever and flu. This is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and pregnant women. BelleCare also provides home service for those who have just given birth. This treatment is one of BelleCare Wellness Signature Slimming Session.


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