Moxa Pain Relief Essence

Moxa Pain Relief Essence

An all-natural, non-narcotic herbal oil that relieves pain in 30 seconds.

Working like a do-it-yourself acupuncture session without the pain of needles, this herbal oil is based on the Kampo philosophy of the Japanese study and adaptation of Chinese Traditional Medicine, which addresses and alleviates pain by acting on the underlying causes of blood and Qi stagnation that leads to chronic pain. Contains Venus Hair Fern commonly used to treat excessive and painful menstruation, Methyl Salicylate, an antiseptic for arthritis-related discomfort, and Black Cohosh, used to relieve premenstrual pain. Suitable for those 12 years old and above. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Made in Singapore.


Active Ingredients:

Venus Hair Fern – Commonly used to treat excessive and painful menstruation.

Methyl Salicylate – An age-old, effective external antiseptic for arthritis-related discomfort.

Black Cohosh – Traditionally used by the Chinese to relieve premenstrual pain.


Directions for Use

Drip 1 to 2 drops onto centre of palm. Press palm on affected area till heat is felt for 5 to 7 seconds. Remove palm and pat lightly.


Usage Tips

Replace your usual massage cream with the Ageless Herbal Cream, as it helps balance your hormones and improves a host of imbalance symptoms like unexplained weight gain and mood swings.




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