Meso K+Eye Gel Mask

Meso K+Eye Gel Mask

Repairing Serum – This treatment is designed for improvement of dark circles, discoloration, shadows, puffiness and fine lines under the eyes caused by genetics, fatigue, excessive sun exposure and dehydration.

Eye Gel Mask  –  This bio matrix gel forms a polysaccharide structure that encloses active ingredients like a net and makes it an ideal carrier for all active cosmetic substances into the skin and it also restores the natural balance in the hydro lipid coat, clears the skin, gives back its freshness, radiance and suppleness to damaged skin.


Repairing Serum

  • Pro-Vit K: Reduces and prevents the appearance of bruises or ecchymosis
  • Pro-Vit C: Protects the skin and promotes healing
  • Pro-Vit F: Helps to regenerate and repair skin cells
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract: –  Improves the appearance of damaged skin and skin suppleness.

Eye Gel Mask

  • Pure Collagen:  –  enhance skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Caviar extract:  –  regenerate and revitalize skin
  • Whitening extract: brighten and even skin tone



Apply two drops of Repairing Serum by patting around the eye contour, work from inside to the outside of the face paying particular attention to the under-eye puffiness and lower eyelid area Remove Gel Eye Mask with dry fingers and gently position around the eye area. Moisten it and leave for 10 minutes Moisten the Gel Eye Mask with a wet sponge or cotton pad, gently massage the gel until fully absorbed.

Recommended treatment: Twice a week over 4 weeks Maintenance treatment, once a week as required.

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