eCO2 Gel Mask

eCO2 Gel Mask

A CO2 transdermal delivery agent which accelerates tissue regeneration and metabolic action of cells by boosting oxygen supply.

The product consists two components, malic acid containing granules and carbonate salt containing gel.

CO2 easily dissolves in water and is also easily emitted from water

The permeability of CO2 against a cell membrane is 25 times greater than oxygen.

CO2 also easily absorbed into oil, a reason why CO2 is easily absorbed by the skin, which has a structure like a mixture of water and oil.


The product consists of two components :

1/ Acid containing granules

2/ Carbonate salt containing gel

Mixing these two components generates 4000ppm (theoretical value) of Carbon Dioxide, which is kept in a form that allows high concentration of CO2 to be absorbed transdermally into the skin.

15 mins application of SRS e-CO2, activate 90 times more Carbon Dioxide absorption than 10 seconds patting with saturated carbonated water.

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