Deep Ocean Mineral Gel

Deep Ocean Mineral Gel

Delivers ionised magnesium transdermally in a topical gel form for rapid absorption into cells to relieve muscle aches, pain and cramps.

Formulated with the highest concentration of ionized magnesium and trace minerals from 662m below the Pacific Ocean that are research-proven to aid speedy recovery from muscle stress. Complemented with Grape Seed Extract to improve microcirculation and Geranium Oil, which prepares the skin’s pores to facilitate better absorption while relieving anxiety and stress by helping to balance the mind and emotions. Suitable for home use or as a massage gel. Made in Taiwan.

Active Ingredients:

Deep Ocean Mineral (DOM) – Research-proven to aid speedy recovery from muscle stress. Contains many minerals and trace elements that cannot be produced by the body. A lot of these minerals and elements are lost through perspiration during physical activities, and can be replaced with DOM through topical application.

Grape Seed Extract improves microcirculation.

Geranium Oil prepares the skin’s pores to facilitate better absorption. Relieves anxiety and stress by balancing the mind and emotions.


Directions for Use

Apply to affected areas and massage thoroughly until gel is absorbed. May feel oily on the skin due to the high concentration of deep ocean minerals. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.


Usage Tips

Keep one handy in your workout bag and use it to reduce muscle soreness after an intensive gym session or any vigorous exercise.




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