Facials & Skin Care

Facial Treatments
  1. BelleCare European Deep Cleansing Treatment
  2. Vitamin C Nutrient Spa Treatment
  3. Diamond Peel Facial Therapy
  4. White-Splendor DNA Facial Treatment
  5. Bio Charcoal Treatment for Skin with Open Pores,
    Blackheads and Acne
  6. Oxygenating Facial Treatment
  7. Hydrophilic for Dry Skin Treatment
  8. anne Classic Enzymes Rejunevation Skin Tightening
    Premium Facial
  9. SRS-Skin Rejuvenation Solutions e-CO2 Gel Premium Facial
  10. SRS-Micro Meso Roller Premium Treatment
Eye Treatments
  1. Ultimate Eye Treatment
  2. Oxygen Eye Treatment
  3. Ultra Eye Lift Therapy
  4. Collagen Eye Lifting
  5. Enzyme Eye Lifting For Fine Line
  6. Meso-K Eye Gel Mask Whitening Treatment
The Danne Foot Treatment removes:
  1. Callouses
  2. Corns
  3. Cracked heels
  4. Rough, dry hard skin build up
  5. Dark pigmented areas
  6. Any fungal or bacterial infections
Neck Treatments
  1. Oxy O2 Neck Decollete Treatment
  2. Ultra Neck Decollete Lifting Treatment
Hand Treatment
  1. Hand Lift Treatment
  2. Silky White Hand Treatment
Massage Services

1. Traditional Javanese Massage
2. Traditional Balinese Massage
3. Thai Herbal Ball Massage
4. Healing Hot Oil Massage
5. Chocolate Body Massage
6. Aromatherapy Massage
7. Swedish Massage
8. Bio Release Massage
9. Lava Hot Stone Massage
10. Body Enzyme Stretch Mark Treatment
11. Danne Plasmatic Breast and Buttock Treatment

Body Wrap

1. Chocolate Body Wrap
2. Cellulite Body Wrap
3. Algae Body Wrap
4. Jamu Body Wrap


1. Cellulite Detoxifying Massage
2. Beauty Mama Cellulite Bamboo Massage


1. Chocolate Body Glow
2. Red Wine Body Glow
3. Ginger Body Glow
4. Lavender Body Glow
5. Traditional Javanese Lulu Glow

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